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The Project

According to their site Blockly is: "A library for building visual programming editors."

Evaluation Scoring

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 This project uses the Apache2.0 License
Language ?? Languages Include JavaScript (97%), HTMl (1.5%) and Python (1.4%).


Level of Activity 2 Blockly has had many regular commits both over the short term and the long term.
Number of Contributors 2 Blockly has a relatively large number of contributors, viewable here.
Product Size 2 Blockly has thousands of lines of code. For samples, see the files in the section
Issue Tracker 2 The Blockly issue tracker is quite active, with new issues being opened within hours of writing, and assigned within 1-2 days. (195 open, 341 closed issues).
New Contributor 2 Blockly has a page with general instructions for new contributors here, specifically mentioning things such as that code must adhere to Google's JavaScript guidelines.
Community Norms
User Base
Total Score
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