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Exercise 1 - Group 1

Identify at least five (5) existing H-FOSS projects. Survey existing projects via HumIT, SourceForge, GitHub, etc.
Identify the needs of the served communities of each project. Review the mission statements and publicity of each identified H-FOSS project.
[choose 1 project to which you would like to contribute]
Identify the needs of the development community. review the primary developer forum. Identify the major threads. what are the active areas of development and/or concern?
Develop an understanding of the tools used by one (1) development community. setting up the development environment.
Evaluate the quality of existing development efforts Download the code base for one (1) project
Conduct a code review. Use the same (or similar) rubric to that used to evaluate student contributes to H-FOSS projects.
Identify resources for new developers Otherwise, how do you find whom to approach to ask about how a new-comer can contribute?
Identify at least three (3) active developers you could approach list the name, role, and contact information of the developers
justify why those three (3) developers were chosen write a short justification for why each developer would be a valuable contact or mentor
identify a task that is suitable for a student to undertake consult with the development community and active developers to identify which tasks are of the correct scope and technical difficulty for a student/student team to handle.
Create a task proposal propose the task scope for your course project
.. ..
.. submit your your final work for code review
.. ..
List of topics for HumIT and other HFOSS learning activities
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