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=== Meeting Location ===
=== Meeting Location ===
Naragansett A - Omni Hotel
This event is an affiliated event of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium.  See [ SIGCSE 2022] for general information about the location.
This event is an affiliated event of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium.  See [ SIGCSE 2022] for general information about the location.

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March 2, 2022 - Providence, RI

Meeting Location

Naragansett A - Omni Hotel

This event is an affiliated event of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium. See SIGCSE 2022 for general information about the location.


Student participation in Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) provides an opportunity for learning software engineering technical and professional skills while also engaging students with computing for social good. Experience indicates that faculty are interested in employing HFOSS but also find this teaching approach challenging, especially at first. To better support instructors, HFOSS educators are exploring ways to provide better support and control for instructors taking initial steps in using HFOSS with students.

This full-day event will consist of morning and afternoon sessions that can be registered for separately. The focus for each session will be as follows:

Instructor-Led HFOSS Projects (morning) - The morning session will focus on development of instructor-led HFOSS projects. This model of HFOSS education employs HFOSS projects that are started by and managed by one or more academic institutions. Examples include Libre Food Pantry, Open Energy Dashboard, FarmData, and Submitty. Several of these projects will be discussed in depth, and general discussion will address issues and opportunities for starting or joining an instructor-led HFOSS project. The morning session is intended for instructors who have previously attended POSSE, the Professors’ Open Source Software Experience, or who have open source experience including contributing to an open source project.

Getting Started in HFOSS Education (afternoon) – The afternoon session will be suitable for any instructor interested in HFOSS education, whether experienced or not. The schedule will include some short experience reports about HFOSS use in computing courses.

The discussion will also cover development of HFOSS kits as an approach to making HFOSS education more manageable. The goal of an HFOSS kit is to provide an isolated environment built with artifacts from an active HFOSS project that can be used to learn and practice software skills. For example, a kit containing a code base, issue tracker, and revision control history could support learning related to version control.

kits can provide the complexity and scale of the real project, and introduce students to computing for social good. A kit can also provide better predictability and control for the instructor, including an ability to reset the environment to a known state. These benefits would trade off the opportunity for students to make contributions to the live projects, and opportunity to interact with the project community.


Time Activity Facilitators
Wednesday March 2, 2022
8:30 AM


  • Introductions
  • Plan for the day
Heidi, Darci
8:45 AM Overview - Educational HFOSS Projects Stoney
9:00 AM Educational HFOSS Projects Tour

5 minutes per project

  • LFP
  • FarmData
  • OED
9:30 AM Project exploration Breakout All
10:00 AM Break All
10:30 AM Projects Exploration Breakout Continued All
11:45 AM Wrap-up All
12:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM HFOSS Overview and update Greg, Lori
1:45 PM Overview: HFOSS Kits Grant, Karl
2:15 PM Hands on: HFOSS Kits
  • Git Kit
2:45 AM Break All
4:30 PM
  • Opportunities for participation
  • Closing remarks
5:00 PM End

Information for Attendees

To be determined. Please check back.

To Register

To be determined. Please check back.

NOTE: seating is limited, so please do not assume you are attending before receiving a confirmation from us.

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