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Namespace: f Namespace: f Namespace: f
50ways, assignment_cathedralandbazaar, assignment_freevsopen, assignment_ossfieldtrip1, assignment_ossfieldtrip1, assignment_ossfieldtrip1detail, assignments, assignment_ossfieldtrip2, coursematerials, createablog, experiences, git, experiences, git, inclassircactivity, root, signing_up_for_a_planet, N Already exist on FOss2Serve, / redundant (links to other pages)
assignment_ossfieldtrip3 M An activity on using some functionality from OpenMRS. Could be updated.
bazaar M Install instructions for Bazaar on Ubuntu
csta2012 M Contains link to a ppt Used in a conference
wnecsefa10 Y "This case study reports on the experiences in the Fall 2010 offering of CS 490 Software Engineering at Western New England College"
intro_to_version_control M *There are already multiple pages on version control. Why_Use_Version_Control This one on foss2serve one has a dead link. It could be enhanced by the list of terms in the SoftHum Wiki (or cross-reference and add the terms to the glossary page if not already there)
mercurial M This is an exercise on using mercurial for version control. It could be checked and updated, moved to foss2serve.
processdescriptions This page contains an outline for how to utilize / integrate FOSS into courses
sfs Y This pag contains links to important documents / pages reatd to"the sfs proposal"
signing_up_for_a_planet M Instructions on signing up for a blog planet (TOS); overlap / augment Blog_Activity, Part 3 - Introduction to Planets
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