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Title UML a project
Overview In this activity students will be assigned parts of an HFOSS project for which they will have to implement UML diagrams.
Prerequisite Knowledge Classes, Functions, Variables
Learning Objectives In this activity the students will:
  • Learn about UML diagrams, and understand them
  • Create UML diagrams for a given part of an HFOSS project


Successful completion of CS 1 course would usually be sufficient.


Part 1: Install UML software

  • We recommend using ArgoUML ( ) which is a free open source software that can be used to create UML Diagrams.

Part 2: Readings

Part 3: UML Diagrams implementation

  • The instructor will select an HFOSS project and selected source files will be assigned to different 3-student teams.
  • Each team will then implement several UML diagrams:
    • following the procedures prescribed in Part 2
    • using a software like the one(s) recommended in Part 1
    • the UML diagrams should cover the entire source code assigned for each team
    • (optional) using a Git repository, the instructor will collect all these diagrams and also make them available to all other students. They can help guide every team (in case some teams are challenged by this assignment)

Part 4 (Optional): Evaluate

  • If time is available, students should randomly shuffle the projects among themselves and they will verify and (if needed) correct the UML diagrams given.

Part 5 (Optional): Upload the

  • If the selected HFOSS project does not have UML diagrams done, the students' work should be submitted to the persons in charge of the project documentation.


UML Diagrams converted into JPG or PDF files


UML diagrams can be graded using some rubric.


Additional Information:

Knowledge Area/Knowledge Unit
Topic UML Diagrams, Code documentation
Level of Difficulty Easy
Estimated Time to Completion 50-120 minutes
Author 50 ways
Source Razvan A. Mezei
License Licensed CC BY-SA

Suggestions for the Open Source Project:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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