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'''GitHub:'''  [ domincl]
'''GitHub:'''  [ domincl]
== POSSE Stage 1A Due May 5th ==
== POSSE Stage 1A Due May 5th ==

Revision as of 19:27, 25 May 2019

Name: Dominic Letarte

Position: Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of Computer & Information Sciences, Temple University


GitHub: domincl



POSSE Stage 1A Due May 5th

Stage 1a - FOSS Anatomy


  1. Roles for students: Writing API documentation, Testing and potentially fixing bug. All roles allows students to get used to work with code they did write themselves and to work in bigger systems. Writing API documentation can be part of fulfilling writing intensive requirements.
  2. Repository
  3. Latest commit: April 30, 2019

commit 525bf888c06136dc24481e9c1d5bc71a75252422 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: James Cameron <>
Date:   Wed May 1 13:01:43 2019 +1000
   Docs - Fedora 30
   Thomas Gilliard says the instructions are missing, need to be updated,
   and too complicated.

Sahana Eden Project

Information management system for disaster and humanitarian aid management

    • Commonalities: the roles for involvement are similar as for Sugar but the processes are not as strictly defined. Sugar have policies and plans for releases while Eden have an issue tracker where discussion happen and code changes are proposed via pull requests.
  1. Repository
    • Latest commit: May 2, 2019

commit 008faeebda5cbca3a547379853c20471618bd577 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Dominic König <>
Date:   Thu May 2 21:25:52 2019 +0200

   BR: option to show end-date of case activities

POSSE Stage 1B Due May 26th

FOSS Field Trip (Activity)

Stage 1b - Intro to FOSS - Github

  • As of May 20, 2019 11:48AM Github is reporting 27,833 repositories for the term "education".
  • 3,456 of theses repos use the JavaScript language.
  • The more recently updated was vincentrodriguez/signals-visualisation (Updated a minute ago).
  • The least recently updated was drongous/ems (Updated on Jun 4, 2008).
  • The more active repo (more stars) is freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp
    • 303k stars.
    • 227 open issues and 13334 closed issues
    • Insight tab show graph of acitivity in the repo.
    • Commit tab in insight show a graph with the number of commit by week for the last year. For freeCodeCamp the number of commit have increased from less than 40 a week to more than 100 a week starting in last October.
  • As of May 20, 2019 12:07PM Github is reporting 506 repositories for the term "humanitarian".
  • HTBox/crisischeckin
    • have 178 stars.
    • use C#
    • Last updated on Oct 24, 2018
  • The term "disaster management" have 473 repository results.

Stage 1b - Intro to FOSS - OpenHub

  • For the search term "education" approximatively 2270 projects were found ( 227 pages of 10 projects).
  • I recognize Moodle, Wireshark and Groovy in the list of most active projects for the search term "education".
  • KDE Education
    • All repos are git repos hosted on
    • 10 similars projects are listed. (KStars, Step,..., KPercentage)
    • The similar project page show an icon for each project with name, activity level, language and License.
  • "humanitarian" search returns approximatively 30 projects
  • "disaster management" search returns approximatively 30 projects
  • "Activity Not Available" icon is showned because of problems with the code locations or other problems blocking Open Hub from collecting and analyzing code. Developer need to update project code locations in openhub to resolv this.
  • Organizations page shown statistics about organizations. The list of most actives orgs, the list of newest orgs and the list of orgs by commit volume.
  • The search results show a list of Organizations. The organisation OpenRMS have 46 projects.
  • OpenHub reports for OpenMRS Core project that most code locations as "Downloading source code history (Failed about 1 month ago.)" No information is available in OpenHub about last commit.
  • In Github the Latest commit for openmrs/openmrs-core is one day ago.
  • Openhub do not have access to the code locations of openmrs-core, recent activity is not available to be analysed by OpenHub
  • It is possible to find different kind of information at different places.

Project Evaluation (Activity)

Stage 1b - Intro to FOSS - OpenHub

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 Mozilla Public License, version 2.0
Language 2 Java (96%) and SQL (3%)
Level of Activity 2 Constant level of activity
Number of Contributors 2 322 contributors. Two author (wluyima and dkayiwa) are merging contribution on master from substancials pull requests from community.
Product Size 2 223.3MB (Repository Size extension ) 780213 lines of code (GitHub Gloc extension)
Issue Tracker 2
  • 1277 Issues ready for work;
  • 14141 Closed issues;
  • Ben Wolfe created issue TRUNK-324 "Go through the TODO items code and create tickets out of them" on 2008-05-21 18:59:09 GMT+0000.
  • Checked TRUNK-4655, RA-1387, TRUNK-324, STAND-54, TRUNK-5409. Many were created years ago and contains many sub-task being worked on. Success is not immediate as contributors are beginners doing many mistakes but receiving support.
New Contributor 2
Community Norms 2
  • Code of Conduct is derived from the one from Ubuntu community.
  • More supportive for beginners.
  • Community is overtly polite compare to other open source community.
User Base 2
Total Score 18

Intro to Copyright and Licensing (Activity)

Stage 1b - Intro to Copyright and Licensing (Activity)

License cans cannots musts Mozilla Public License

version 2.0

  • Commercial Use
  • Modify
  • Distribute
  • Sublicense
  • Place Warranty
  • Use Patent Claims
  • Use Trademark
  • Hold Liable
  • Include Copyright
  • Include License
  • Disclose Source
  • Include Original

Apache License Version 2.0

  • Commercial Use
  • Modify
  • Distribute
  • Sublicense
  • Private Use
  • Use Patent Claims
  • Place Warranty
  • Use Trademark
  • Hold Liable

  • Include Copyright
  • Include License
  • State Changes
  • Include Notice
  • No License (Under common law trademark)
  • Exclusive copyright by default.
  • View and fork

(do not imply permission to use, modify, or share the software for any purpose)

  • use, modify, or share

(no permissions from the creators of the software to use, modify, or share the software)

  • Ask the maintainers nicely to add a license
  • Negotiate a private license

FOSS in Courses 1 (Instructors)

Many activities are interesting and relevant. Here how they could be distributed in the class that I teach.

CIS 3296 Software Design is an advanced undergraduate course mandatory for Computer Science majors. This course is a writing intensive and is an introduction to Software Design and Software Engineering.

CIS 4296 Information System Analysis and Design is a mandatory capstone class for Information Science & Technology majors. The class is project based and team based.

CIS 5306 Software Engineeering is an elective graduate class for the Master in Information Science & Technology, computer science students are not allowed to register.

Part C Due June 16th

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