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Name: Dominic Letarte

Position: Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of Computer & Information Sciences, Temple University


GitHub: domincl

Stage 1a - FOSS Anatomy


  1. Roles for students: Writing API documentation, Testing and potentially fixing bug. All roles allows students to get used to work with code they did write themselves and to work in bigger systems. Writing API documentation can be part of fulfilling writing intensive requirements.
  2. Repository
  3. Latest commit: April 30, 2019

commit 525bf888c06136dc24481e9c1d5bc71a75252422 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: James Cameron <>
Date:   Wed May 1 13:01:43 2019 +1000
   Docs - Fedora 30
   Thomas Gilliard says the instructions are missing, need to be updated,
   and too complicated.

Sahana Eden Project

Information management system for disaster and humanitarian aid management

    • Commonalities: the roles for involvement are similar as for Sugar but the processes are not as strictly defined. Sugar have policies and plans for releases while Eden have an issue tracker where discussion happen and code changes are proposed via pull requests.
  1. Repository
    • Latest commit: May 2, 2019

commit 008faeebda5cbca3a547379853c20471618bd577 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Dominic König <>
Date:   Thu May 2 21:25:52 2019 +0200

   BR: option to show end-date of case activities

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