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Lynn Lambert

Lynn Lambert is an Associate Professor at Christopher Newport University in the Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering. We have 6 major fields (Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Science), 400+ undergraduates and 20+ faculty (10 of whom are in Computer Science).

Part A Project Anatomy Activity.

1. Sugar Lab
A. Community

  • Activity Team. There are two coordinators and 13 contributors.
  • Development Team. The Contacts page lists a coordinator vacancy and 4 people.
  • Documentation Team. The Contacts page lists a coordinator vacancy and 2 editors.

B. Tracker.

  • types/categories of tickets: defect and enhancement. The information for each ticket includes the ticket number, a summary, the status, the owner, the type, the priority and the milestone.

C. Repository. The Sugar Labs repository appears to be a public repository that individuals clone. D. Release Cycle. The release cycle and roadmap update are related because the Development Team's Roadmap is updated at the beginning of each release cycle by the release team.

2. Sahana Eden
A. Community

  • Developers, Testers, Designers. Commonalities: They all contain a link to the developer guidelines. Different from Sugar Labs: No individuals are listed on this page as SugarLabs had.

B. Tracker.

  • How is the information here different than the information found on the Sugar Labs tracker page? This is just a list, with no dropdown box on the top.
  • Click the Active Tickets link. Indicate the types/categories of tickets listed on this page as well as the information available for each ticket. The list here includes date created and the owner.

C. Repository. If this asks for what OS you are using, and you install, presumably this is a local repository. D. Release Cycle. It appears that the roadmap was last updated 4 years ago.

Evaluation of OpenMRS: [1]

Part B: FOSS In Courses Activity Identify activities or topics that you think would fit in your class.

I like many of the ideas on quality and testing as well as the observer activities. If I do this in a CS1 course, they won’t be able to do much coding. If I do this in a software engineering course, I would like to focus on the larger picture of software management. Here are some of the ideas that I might be able to use in one of those classes: Quality and Testing ideas in Test the project Read gitter/IRC/web site “In your blog, list and explain the three activities that are most interesting to you and explain why.” From”

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